Dr. Ali Singel (LRCSI, LRCPI, M.B.B.Ch, NUI, DDsc, MSc, MD)

Consultant Dermatologist

As Consultant Dermatologist at the exclusive Jumeirah Dermalase Clinic, Dr. Singel is responsible for the clinic's highly effective dermatology and brings more than 15 years of medical experience to Dermalase.

Dr. Singel is a board-certified medical doctor who is highly-qualified and experienced in dermatology.

After earning his medical degree from the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians in Ireland in 1997, Dr. Singel continued to train in dermatology, laser and phototherapy before working in different hospitals around the UK under several experts and pioneers in the treatment of skin disease.

Dr Singel, a fellow of Harvard Medical School, has several post graduate degrees including DDsc (Diploma in Dermatological Sciences), MSc (Masters in Dermatological Sciences) and MD (Doctor of Medicine), all of which he obtained in the UK.

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